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Deep Creek Marina Boat Club


​​The Boat Club project is set within the Deep Creek Marina. The site is situated on a lagoon off the Murray River amidst the house boat moorings. The project sets about integrating the community of the boat club further into its water front dynamic. The projects curved roof with exposed wooden beams replicate a river side rhythm which is contrasted by the strong stone wall facing away from the river to firmly ground the architecture. The long club room that faces the water allows for large events and social activities, whilst the balcony extends the length of the club room further highlighting the emphasis on the outdoor nature of the project. The use of a tension hung canopy over an outdoor lecture/grandstand looking out onto the river permits exterior usage of the boat club and emphasizes the importance of the outdoor community.

Deep Creek Marina
Master Plan


​​The Deep Creek Master Plan is a project comprising of a 380 townhouse community connected with the Murray River. The facilities connecting the community with the river side includes a marina facility with boat club, boat building and sales facilities, shopping centre, motel and apartments that instil the river presence within the community. The project also involves in a strong community engagement plan by incorporating several public facilities such as a golf course, community centres, indoor swimming pools, skate parks and several outdoor sports facilities such as tennis courts.The design of the townhouses takes into consideration the surrounding Murray river context with simple architectural forms using timber and steel, with a strong urban context that encourages bike and foot transportation once arriving at home.

Green Square
Library Proposal


​​The Green Square Library competition was an entry undertaken in collaboration with Bruce Henderson Architects, John Patrick Landscape Architects and Norman Disney and Young ESD Consultants . The design for the project looked to integrate a modern library into a future planned urban fabric, by connecting the building with the landscape to incorporate the community into the usage of the public space and the library; creating a community cultural hub. The design of the library takes into account the modernity of the present state of libraries in the world and looks to form a new aesthetic for Australian libraries by giving vistas of the surrounding public space to learning facilities and creating stronger connections between the community and the library.


Hastings Library



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