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Burton & Carter and Aged Care:


A major proportion of the projects undertaken by Burton & Carter over the last twenty years has been in the aged care industry, thus our design and development experience in this field is extensive. 


We are aware of the rapidly changing requirements of service profiles for aged care institutions placing increasing pressure on existing building stock and the demand for re-assessment of the role these institutions play in the service of our community.


In pursuit of this goal, we as architects offer expertise in the development and realisation of a philosophy for the development of any Aged Care Facility and to translate this into an inspiring and stimulating building full of architectural movement and integrity. The philosophy of any design will need to consider amongst many concerns, environmental, physical and contextual issues dictated by the nature of the area and surrounding community and the realisation in the built form of the role of the facility and the contribution to aged care services in the future.


Our previous experience on numerous aged care projects provides us with an understanding of the operational and funding issues, delivery of health services, need for an extensive consultative process and knowledge of government policy and guidelines to ensure the we optimise the final solution to the benefit of our clients and their residents.



Other recent Projects Include:


- Nirvana, Waverley Rd East Malvern, Victoria. 30 bed nursing home.

- Central Park, Punt Rd Windsor, Victoria. Complete upgrade and extension of an existing nursing home. 275 beds.

- Narracan, Victoria. 30 bed nursing home.

- Warrandyte, Victoria. 90 bed nursing home.

- Wantirna, Lewis Rd, Victoria. 95 bed nursing home.

- Brighton, Victoria. Upgrade of existing residential aged care units.

- Noble Park, Victoria. 120 bed nursing home.

- Noble Park, Victoria. 148 unit retirement village.

- Wellington Point, Queensland. 80 bed nursing home.

- Wodonga, Felltimber Creek Rd, Victoria. 80 bed nursing home.

- Yarrawonga, Victoria. 80 bed nursing home.

- Yarrawonga, Victoria. 30 unit residential aged care units.

- Clayton, Blackburn Rd, Victoria. 108 bed nursing home.

- East Melbourne, Victoria. 160 bed nursing home.

- Thurgoona, Thurgoona Drive, Victoria. 80 bed nursing home.

- Thurgoona, Thurgoona Drive, Victoria. 184 unit retirement village.

- Singapore. Fit-out of existing building, 80 bed nursing home.


The Grange - Wodonga


​​The purpose built aged care facility is a comprises of 40 high-care beds and 40 low-care beds. The project was a forerunner to the Grange Albury, and utilizes double storey wings that allow for each room access to views to the golf course and garden. The centrally located activity facilities create close access to community areas for residents and allows for shorter distances between resident and carer, thus supplying better care for the residents and a more enjoyable facility.The project's setting on the out skirts of Wodonga takes advantages of the idyllic country setting with its design reminiscent of Victorian era housing of the area and significant garden cottage facilities.

Albury Retirement Village


The Grange - Albury


​​The purpose built aged care facility comprises of 40 high-care beds and 40 low-care beds which changes the functional dynamics of aged cared. The double wing layout takes into consideration nursing control points and crucial ideas of patient enjoyment to produce a facility that reduces needless nursing movement and enhances liveability for the patients. The double storey nature of the building allows each bed room throughout the facility to be equipped with bathroom and kitchen facilities. The bed room connections with the natural environment allow for circulation inside and outside and views of the grounds and from each resident room.


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